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The Rectory and Parish Offices are located at:

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                  Pastor:  Rev. Msgr. Joseph R. Giandurco

                      Parochial Vicars:  Rev. Michael Moon

                                                     Rev. Robert Ginel

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Friday, August 1st is the First Friday and there will be Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament from 1:00pm until 7:00pm and Holy Hour at 7:00pm.  Please consider signing up for one or more half hour slots for adoration.

Prayer before the exposed Blessed Sacrament on the altar is a powerful way of praying and trusting in God's presence.



Dear Parishioners,

   My plans would have me in Rhode Island at a summer rental home with my parents and other family members when this bulletin was due at the printer, so I am writing these lines before July 19th so that I could head off for a vacation with the task complete.

   I simply want to reflect in a few paragraphs on a small book by John Fink that I was flipping through recently.  The book is titled Future American Saints? Published by Pauline Books and Media in 2009.  The book is about men and women who lived in the U.S. whose Causes for Canonization are underway.  Thirty nine men and women plus the Martyrs of Virginia and the Martyrs of Georgia are presented in a very concise manner.

   Terence Cardinal Cooke is the second to the last person named in the book.  The one listed before Cardinal Cooke is a Jesuit priest, Fr. Walter Ciszek, S.J., who died in New York one year after Cardinal Cooke.  Cardinal Cooke’s is the only Cause of Canonization with which I am formally affiliated, but I did have a conversation with Fr. Ciszek in my hometown of Port Chester, NY a couple of years before he died.  He signed copies of the two books he wrote for me and I shall always remember that meeting.

   I met Cardinal Cooke many times and I am grateful that he personally announced that I would finish my seminary studies in Rome.  By the time I arrived in Rome in 1983, Cardinal Cooke was dying.  I am honored to be the one in New York in charge of his Cause of Canonization and I do hope one day the Cardinal will be declared a saint.  The little book I was flipping through reminded me that there are quite a few men and women who exhibited holiness in the United States who are being considered for sainthood.  There are many others who are not officially being considered for sainthood, but who have lived holy lives.  In the middle of summer, I am reminded that we are all called to holiness in our lives here on earth so that we can be united with Jesus and His Father and the Holy Spirit, with all the Saints in heaven and all God’s people here on earth.

   Hopefully, a book titled Future American Saints could one day have millions of chapters.

   Enjoy these summer times!        

                        Sincerely in Christ,

                         Monsignor Joseph R. Giandurco


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