Established 1868 

Welcome to Sacred Heart Parish
Suffern, NY

"Sharing What We Have in Jesus' Name"

The Rectory and Parish Offices are located at:

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                  Pastor:  Rev. Msgr. Joseph R. Giandurco

                      Parochial Vicars:  Rev. Michael Moon

                                                     Rev. Robert Ginel

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Friday, October 3rd is the First Friday and there will be Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament from 1:00pm until 7:00pm and Holy Hour at 7:00pm.

Prayer before the exposed Blessed Sacrament on the altar is a powerful way to experience the presence of Jesus in our midst.  



Dear Parishioners,

   This past Monday, Cardinal Dolan was in Suffern to visit Good Samaritan Hospital.  It was supposed to be the blessing of the new Emergency Room section but there was a whole lot more to the visit than that.  I was fortunate to be with the Cardinal from beginning to end of his time at the hospital and I can tell you I saw the shepherd shine through.  In section after section of the hospital, the Cardinal made it a point to greet staff and patients.  From newborns to end of life patients, he was quick to bless, chat and hug.  Truly, it is mostly what priests seek to do on every hospital visit, and especially hospital chaplains like Fr. Brian Coffey, M.H.M, who make the rounds every day.

   It is clear the Cardinal wanted to personally visit the sick at a Catholic Hospital in the Archdiocese of New York.  There are not too many Catholic hospitals left in the Archdiocese, and all of the remaining centers are operated by the Bon Secours order.  The Cardinal is especially grateful for the Church’s role in health care but he is also aware of the difficulties any organization involved in health care faces.  Especially in recent years, government rules not only safeguard but make the works of hospitals more complicated and costly.  There is certainly a great deal of paperwork involved now and it is becoming clearer how the government is seeking to limit the choices and ability to provide services in accord with religious beliefs.

   Catholic Hospitals cannot cure every ailment but they can and should serve mind, body and soul.  The Cardinal saw firsthand how Good Samaritan serves people of all faiths and many cultures.  Many of our own parishioners were on hand last Monday to see and hear the Cardinal and receive his blessing.  The Cardinal seemed quite happy to greet so many people and highlight the value of Catholic Hospitals in the world.  May our hospitals remain true to church teaching and serve all those in need.  May we all follow the example of Jesus.

                        Sincerely in Christ,

                        Monsignor Joseph R. Giandurco


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