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                  Pastor:  Rev. Msgr. Joseph R. Giandurco

                  Parochial Vicars: Rev. Michael Moon

                                                Rev. Robert Ginel

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Dear Parishioners, 

   Advent arrives before the season of Winter, even though temperatures have fluctuated from very cold to warm and back again this Fall.

   Advent is really a dual time of waiting or anticipating the coming of Christ.  The first part of Advent is a time of anticipation for Christís second coming or return at the end of time.  This is the event which will take place at some future moment.  We are called to prepare ourselves by living according to the example of Christ Himself.  This part of Advent is meant to remind us that our whole life is a time of preparation.

   During the second part of Advent, from December 17 onward, we are asked to recall the birth of Christ.  In some way, we prepare for His birth, but we know He was born 2000 plus years ago.  Truly, we are asked to prepare our minds and hearts to celebrate His birth.  We rejoice on the birthday of Jesus because we believe it was on that day that the Son of God in the flesh was made manifest to the world, slowly at first, but more and more so that at least the whole world is in some way aware of the birthday of Jesus.  It is ironic that even some Christians fail to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.  We have to keep Christ in our hearts and allow Jesus to make us holy by His presence.

   In a sense, there is a third way to await the coming of Christ, and that is for the many ways that Jesus comes to us, even outside of the season of Advent or Christmas.  Indeed, Jesus comes to us in many ways at many times throughout our whole life, even until the end of our life on earth.  Most probably, Christ will call us to Himself even before He comes again in glory.  Whenever a Christian goes before us in death, we believe Jesus desires that they be with Him forever in heaven.  When Jesus returns in glory, He will unite body and soul to be with Him in a glorified body like His own.

   May the Lord help us to live the Season of Advent and all of the seasons of the Church year with joyful anticipation that all of the promises that Jesus made will be fulfilled, even as the promise of the birth of the Messiah took place in Bethlehem when Jesus was born.  Our minds and hearts and souls rejoice in Him.  Blessed Advent!

                        Sincerely in Christ,  

                        Monsignor Joseph R. Giandurco



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